Pattern Testers Needed

Could you test some simple patterns for us? Or send us some patterns you think are quite easy and engaging?

Full description:

We are writing a few simple knit and crochet patterns, and we might use them for a study as well! We need people to read them, check they make sense, and give feedback on the document formatting. We’re also looking for some new, simple but engaging patterns we can provide for free on our website.

If you want to test the patterns and give us feedback or have a good pattern, please get in touch using the form below, or find the patterns here. You can review them using this form.

As a thank you, we can provide a discount code for an online yarn store.

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Involvement type:

Document Feedback and Writing

What support is offered?

We can provide you with the patterns and a feedback form. We are also available to answer any queries either by e-mail or phone.


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