Pitt Fest Knitting Circle

Every year the Pitt Rivers Museum runs an event called ‘Pitt Fest’, where members of the public are invited to interact with staff, researchers and the exhibits.┬áThe theme for 2018 was ‘What Does a Researcher Do All Day?‘.

On Saturday, June 23rd we sat in the museum with our hooks and needles and talked about the Yarnfulness Project, and how the public can influence what research is conducted and how it is carried out. We had Knitted Neurons, Patterns, and also made this poster to explain a bit about what we do.


The ‘Knitting Tree’ from the Tea Party came with us, and we got loads of fantastic ideas from people attending the event.

Pitt Fest Feedback

Anne’s Crochet Basket was so popular, she has written up the pattern for anyone who would like one for themselves.

Remember to let us know your research ideas here!