The Team

The Yarnfulness Project is the brainchild of Drs Anne Ferrey and Emma Palmer-Cooper, scientists and researchers with a background in psychology and mental health. We also enjoy crochet and knitting in our spare time.


Filtered Photo

Anne and Emma


Emma has a background in cognitive psychology and applies this to research in healthy people and those experiencing mental illness. She also has experience running research engagement and involvement activities with members of the public in health care research.

Anne is a health psychologist with a background in cognitive psychology. Her research has included work with people experiencing physical and mental illness and includes work on digital health interventions. She is experienced in developing evidence-based resources for the public.

Knit a Neuron

As a team, we have engaged the public with neuroscience and psychology at the Oxford Curiosity Carnival “Knit a Neuron” project, which used yarn-based crafts to answer questions about the brain.