My vessel of escapism

Lucy Sutcliffe

Lucy Sutcliffe is an artist, designer, maker, and textiles teacher, having studied for a BA in Textiles at Goldsmiths University. Her work uses a combination of mixed media, print and stitch, taking inspiration from vintage materials and postcards. She has written for us about her experiences with craft and wellbeing.


As a textiles teacher, I am embarrassed to say that my skills in knit and crochet are more than limited! However, craft is certainly my vessel of escapism. This aspect of craft is something that I have been exploring for well over a decade now and, was in fact, the theme of my undergraduate degree show.

Aspects of my job can certainly be stressful and I have explored a number of hobbies to help me unwind. Yet I have found that none enabled me to transport myself to another place and fully switch off as much as craft, and more specifically stitch. When I am sewing, I am able to focus fully on the moment and not think about the endless number of things yet to do – I think the sensation must be similar to meditation.

I have found the concentration causes me to become almost oblivious of my surroundings and I have thought about what might be the cause of this calming sensation and I think it is due its repetitious nature – the rhythmic pattern of the needle, it is almost addictive.

You can find more of Lucy’s stitches on Instagram.

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